Pasties and Pies:

Our pasties and pies are all made using the finest quality beef, lamb and pork reared ourselves on the farm.

Traditional Large steak pasty £3.40
Traditional Medium steak pasty £2.50
Minced beef and onion puff £1.90
Sausage roll £1.90
Pork pie £1.90
Pork and apple round £1.90 (pork, apple and onion rolled in bread with cheese over the top)
Cheese and bacon roll £1.90
Breakfast pie £3.00
Quiches (6" round) various flavours £3.50


Vegetable pasty £2.30 (potato, swede and onion)
Cheese and vegetable pasty £2.50
Cheese and onion puff £1.80
Spinach and feta cheese roll £1.90

Gluten Free Savouries:

Large steak pasty £3.60
Cheese and vegetable pasty £3.60
Sausage roll £2.40
Cheese and bacon roll £2.40

Biscuits All At £2.60

5 per pack

Traditional all butter shortbread
Chocolate chip all butter shortbread
Ginger biscuits
Cherry and Raisin syrup and oat cookies
Chocolate and oat biscuits
Syrup and oat cookies
Rich triple chocolate chip cookies

Bread and Buns:

Our own homegrown 100% wholemeal (coarse) £1.70
Our own homegrown sieved wholemeal (Fine) £1.90
Wholemeal cob £2.20
Bakehouse cob £1.70
Wholemeal rolls 50p
Organic white loaf £2.40
Organic wholemeal loaf £2.40
Sour Dough £2.40
Miners Loaf £2.40
White cob £1.90
Celtic stick £1.50 (white bread in a stick)
White rolls 50p
Granary cob £2.40
Granary rolls 50p
Sultana loaf £2.40
Date and walnut loaf £2.40
100% rye bread £2.40 (with caraway seeds)
50% rye 50% wheat £2.40 (with caraway seeds)
Tomato and Cheese loaf £2.40
Olive bread £2.40
Five seed loaf £2.40 (seeds include: poppy, sesame, sunflower, pine nut and pumpkin)
Oaty cob £2.30 (a white loaf with approximately 30% oats)
spelt bread £2.60
Focaccia loaf £2.40
Beetroot Bread £2.00

Tea Time Classics:

Chelsea bun 90p
Saffron bun 80p
Spicy bun 80p (cinnamon tea cake)
Fruit scone 50p
Plain scone 50p
Danish Pastries £1.40
Eccles cakes £1.50
Lardy cake £1.50 (dough base with cinnamon and raisins)

Cakes and Slices:

Ginger cake £4.90
Traditional boiled farmhouse fruit cake £4.90
Cherry cake £4.90
Date and walnut cake £4.90
Tea bread £4.90
Seed cake £4.90

Sponges 8" whole : £7.50
8" half : £4.30
6" whole: £4.80
Jam victoria sponge
Jam and Vanilla victoria sponge
Lemon victoria sponge
Coffee filled coffee victoria
Coffee filled coffee and walnut victoria
Rich chocolate sponge
Carrot cake (store refridgerated)

Sponge Slices wrapped individually:

Jam and Vanilla victoria slice £1.30
Rich chocolate slice £1.30
Lemon slice £1.30
Coffee and walnut slice £1.30
Vanilla butterfly cake 60p
Chocolate butterfly cake 60p


Cherry and almond flapjack £1.40
Date and walnut flapjack £1.40
Chocolate flapjack £1.40
Plain flapjack £1.40

Sweet Slices:

Almond slice £1.50
Caramel Shortbread £1.50
Farmhouse fudgie £1.50 (fruit and nut fudge with a chocolate top)
Felltop cake £1.40 (chocolatey, biscuit crumb and raisin mix)
Marshmallow crispies £1.50
Chocolate brownies £1.50
Orange and raisin shortie £1.80 (raisins soaked in orange sandwiched between shortbread)
Florentines £1.50
Muddy cartwheels £1.40 (date, shortbread and chocolate whirl)
Bread pudding £1.50
Rocky Road £1.50
Congress Tarts £1.00

Gluten free cakes and biscuits:

Slices £1.40
6" Sponge £5.00
Biscuits per pack £2.80
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Mid Cornwall